What can I help you with?

— Art Direction, Product Visualisation, Illustration, Identity, Advertising or Motion Design?

12 Years of experience


A good visual is based on a good idea which communicates your service or product. I create striking visuals to help elevate brands.

I always start with a round of sketches which we can discuss and collaboratively define the way forward.

From modelling to texturing, lighting and rendering, I've got a firm grasp of the 3D pipeline.

I work with

  • Cinema4D / Redshift

  • X-Particles

  • ZBrush

  • Substance Painter

 Here's a detailed process of how I approach a project.


Creative Art Direction

"I have an idea, can you make it happen?"

Visuals with strong composition, storytelling and great attention to detail. Does your agency already have the approval of the sketch? That's great! It will save us time.

"I have no idea, can you make it happen?"

No worries, we'll nail it down. The great thing about 3D is that there are numerous ways to achieve our goal.

 If you need a brand identity / Key Visual but no idea how to approach it, I got you covered. I'll happily discuss your project and I will do the initial creative process to come up with a few concrete ideas that match your vision and budget.

Product Visualization

Photorealistic studio renders are a great way to showcase your product. They're also a great way to have a first look & feel of a product that is not yet ready for production.



Every render needs a little extra beauty. Depending on the project I can handle the post production or it can be done by your in-house retoucher. 

I work great alongside a retoucher as well

For bigger projects or upon request, I can always rely on excellent retouchers whom I've worked with in the past and achieved excellent endresults.


Does your project require animation?
Bumpers, explainer videos, exploding views or something else?

If there's animation involved, it is best to know this in advance. This way the project is build from the ground up with this in mind. 



Glamorous interiors, I do them too.

Some of my clients


How a visual gets produced.


In an in-depth conversation we'll discuss your project and see what's possible. Together we'll define our endgoals I explain my process.
It's at this stage that we gather as much reference materials as possible. 


With the brief in mind, the different attributes for the project will be developed and detail will be added accordingly.

This gives us a rough idea of the scene.

Lighting, texturing
& Composition

All developed attributes are poured into a solid composition. After this textures and lighting will be added.


After development of the still, we've nailed the look and feel and now it's time to animate.


The studio is technically equipped to render out high resolution imagery and animations in-house.

This will ensure the deadline is always met.

Post Production

Final touches of **MAGIC** are being added. Photo and 3D is blended together to realize a convincing compostion and striking end result.

Let's work together

I bring 10+ years of experience and
knowledge to the table

That means I know how to communicate, manage the project, give realistic budget estimations & stay on track to reach the deadline.


A selection of agencies I have worked with:

TBWA Brussels, Darw!n BBDO, BBDO Belgium, JWT, Jekyll n' Hyde, Publicis, Focus Advertising, Canada Gent, DivideByFour, Colruyt, Lavagraphics, Schokolade, Wenneker, Modulo, Bump,..



+32 (0) 496 03 27 21


I love to help. Don't hesitate to give me a call to discuss your project. 
I'm from Limburg, it'll be soothing.