Design driven creative studio focused on Art Direction, CGI & animation.


Defined by detail, photorealism and mood.

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Walibi Kondaa

Creating a tropical sense of speed & thrill
— Key Visual, CGI, Organic


Branding for Beobank's wide range of financial services
— Key Visual, Identity, Branding, CGI

Rhum Charrette

Visual Identity for Charrette's Vanilla & Spice flavours
— Key Visual, Art Direction, Organic


Imagined minimalistic interiors for shocasing a range of innovative wellness products
— Key Visual, Art Direction, Branding, Interiors

Sherwin Williams

A perfect mix between liquid and organic
— Key Visual, Art Direction, Liquid, Organic, Retouching

Orange Double Data

Visuals for Orange's Double Data plan, for B2B and B2C
— Key Visual, B2B, B2C


Creative Art Direction
with 12 years 3D experience
A good visual is based on a good idea which communicates your service or product. I create striking visuals to help elevate brands.
I always start with a round of sketches which we can discuss and collaboratively define the way forward.
From modelling to texturing, lighting and rendering, I've got a firm grasp of the 3D pipeline.
Here's a detailed process of how I approach a project.

Product Visualisation

Photorealistic studio renders are a great way to showcase your product. They're also a great way to have a first look & feel of a project that is not yet ready for production.
They can be produced in a minimum of time.


Does your project require animation?
Bumpers, explaner videos, exploding views or something else?
They're a great way to boost your campaign or product. 
If there's animation involved, the project is build from the ground up with this in mind. 


Every render needs a little extra beauty.
Depending on the project I can handle the post production or it can be done by your in-house talent. 

Let's work together

I bring 10+ years of experience and
knowledge to the table

That means I know how to communicate, manage the project, give realistic budget estimations & stay on track to reach the deadline.


A selection of agencies I have worked with:

TBWA Brussels, Darw!n BBDO, BBDO Belgium, JWT, Jekyll n' Hyde, Publicis, Focus Advertising, Canada Gent, DivideByFour, King of Hearts, Colruyt, Lavagraphics,
Modulo, Bump,..



+32 (0) 496 03 27 21


I love to help. Don't hesitate to give me a call to discuss your project. 
I'm from Limburg, it'll be soothing.