Mr. seQ is the alias of Kevin Devroo, derived from DJ seQ.

The wild DJ days are over but the passion for music remains strong, which shows in my (personal) work. It's my go to source of inspiration.
My other sources are technology, typography, TV series and Midcentury design. Pixar movies give me that drive for perfection. I've been drawing since I was 6 years old, did design studies and managed to turn what I love into what I do for a living.

Since 2010 my main focus is on 3D illustration, from sketch to final (retouched) comp.
Over the years I've grown a firm knowledge of C4D, ZBrush, modelling, UV-unwrapping, texture painting/texturing, X-Particles, VRayForC4D, C4DtoA , OctaneForC4D. I finally settled on RedShift.


As a freelance Creative Designer & Illustrator I've worked for a wide variety of agencies: TBWA Brussels, Darw!n BBDO, BBDO Belgium, JWT, Jekyll n' Hyde, Publicis, Focus Advertising, Canada Gent, DivideByFour, King of Hearts, Colruyt, Lavagraphics, Modulo,..

I'd love to help. Don't hesitate to give me a call to discuss your project. 
I'm from Limburg, it'll be soothing.

Kevin 'Mr. seQ' Devroo
Mobile: +32 (0) 496.03.27.21
Email: hello [at] seq [dot] be
Social Media: facebook.com/mrseq

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